MyMachine Belgium Work-In-Progress 2016

What happens if you bring in 450 child-inventors into one room at HOWEST University of Applied Sciences in Kortrijk? The answer is: they become loud and enthusiastic feedback machines to the university students that are designing their inventions. Each year again, it’s so wonderful to see the university students getting hands-on honest feedback from the young inventors.

It’s just magic. Nothing more, nothing less. And we can share already that marvellous dream machines are in the making in MyMachine Belgium this year.

This year we had the pleasure and honour to also have Inger Stoveland and Øystein Flemmen from MyMachine Norway visiting the event as well as Jolien Vandebrouck and Anne Cardinael from the India Platform.


MyMachine Norway is here!

We’re very proud to announce yet again, that MyMachine is becoming a bit bigger. A couple of weeks ago, the Cultiva Foundation has signed the MyMachine Norway License.

Cultiva Foundation is honored to introduce MyMachine in Norway. Cultiva was established 6 December 2000 by the Municipality of Kristiansand to ensure that a portion of the profits made from selling shares in Agder Energy Ltd. will be of lasting benefit to the community. The objectives of the Foundation is to secure jobs and good living conditions in Kristiansand by providing grants to projects which set up art, cultural, and educational institutions or organisations that contribute to innovation, development and competence-building within the creative milieu of Kristiansand.
Taking the MyMachine Norway franchise means that the Cultiva Foundation will pilot MyMachine in Kristiansand, but will take the lead in making it a nation wide program. Erling Valvik, director of the Cultiva Foundation, has signed the MyMachine franchise in November 2016 with the intention of building four Norwegian dream machines in the first pilot cycle, which will start January 2017.

Cultiva has set up a collaboration with the Agder University to manage MyMachine Norway. Inger Margrethe Stoveland is the MyMachine Norway Coordinator and will be assisted by Øystein Flemmen and Adrian Førde Andersson.

Read more here: MyMachine Norway

Sir Richard Branson on MyMachine: “love this concept”

Friday 18 November 2016. Richard Branson shares on his Facebook and Twitter account his thoughts on MyMachine: “Love this concept – giving youngsters a way to work together and bring their dreams to life”.

We’re very honored with his positive words on our concept. His more then 12 million followers have reacted to his message, giving us great coverage on different platforms across the internet.

MyMachine is also featured across the Virgin online platform. You can read it here: MyMachine on

MyMachine Oklahoma receives International LERN Award

lern-logoCongratulations to MyMachine Oklahoma! We’re very proud for this important LERN Award in the category Programming.
As this category  recognizes courses, activities, programs or events that are creative & innovative, this award endorses the MyMachine methodology. As LERN is including more than 9,000 members from all 50 states, and 20 countries, serving industries including different kinds of educational institutes, this award shows the importance of MyMachine Oklahoma for the educational future, not just in Oklahoma, but nation wide in the States.lern-2016-award
Our profound gratitude goes out to the Rose State College team and partners in elementary schools and technical high schools (technology centers) involved in MyMachine Oklahoma. They’ve done a great job in piloting this very first year of MyMachine in Oklahoma. It acknowledges all stakeholders in their beliefs and efforts to make MyMachine Oklahoma a great succes and to grow the model in Oklahoma.
The pictures shows Dr. Bret Wood and Mr. Rick Woodard from Rose State College with the LERN Award.

MyMachine featured across

mm-on-virginWe’re a little bit proud to announce that today, MyMachine is featured across We’re very happy with this, as Virgin is supporting MyMachine big time by doing this. This communication will reach out to many people across the globe, which hopefully will bring new links to what we’re doing.

You can find it here:


Delegation of Dr. Ashwath Narayan (India) visits MyMachine Global in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Today we were honoured by the visit of an important Indian delegation from Karnataka. Dr. Ashwath Narayan is an Indian politician, member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly representing BJP from Malleshwaram constituency, Bangalore, Karnataka. He is often credited with Malleshwaram witnessing massive transformation in several sectors including healthcare, welfare, education, sports, infrastructure and several others under his leadership. With a focus on education, Dr. Ashwath Narayan and Dr. Jayakar were keen on visiting the MyMachine global headquarters in Kortrijk, Belgium. They were accompanied by the always warm and energised Jolien Vandebroek, Willem Derde and Sandeep Kumar Shetty of the India Platform and Filip Vanhaverbeke, general manager from Leiedal.

india_karnataka_delegation-of-dr-ashwath-narayanThe visit had a focus on the impact of the MyMachine methodology on the educational system and on changing the lives of the students. The session was completed with a visit to the Industrial Product Design department of HOWEST University of Applied Sciences. Ronald Bastiaens, academic director of this department, explained how a  higher education institute can deliver a different kind of educational process, outside of the text book context, that really spurs innovation and creativity. The visit came to an end with Isabelle Pertry, head of the International Office at HOWEST, to explain the long-term collaboration HOWEST has in different parts in India, including Karnataka.

We hope and are convinced that within the near future this can and wil all le
ad up the start of MyMachine in India.

MyMachine MainStage at Virgin Disruptors 2016 in London

Monday October 3. London. The Mermaid. 13.30PM. MyMachine co-founder Piet Grymonprez had the pleasure to pitch MyMachine main stage at the Virgin Disruptors 2016 event. The 2016 edition of Virgin Disruptors was based on the theme People Creating Change and hosted speakers on 4 theme’s: Purpose, Planet, People and Performance.

The public of several hundreds of business leaders were introduced to MyMachine in the People part of the program.

We’re very happy with the opportunity we had to go on stage at this event. As the crowds reacted very enthusiastically, we’re very much looking forward to follow up on the opportunities that have risen at the event.

MyMachine Obidos (Portugal) Exhibition 2016: Grand Opening

Monday 19 September 2016: the grand opening of the MyMachine Obidos (Portugal) Exhibition 2016. The moren than 100 children involved in the MyMachine cycle 2015-2016 were in the Technology Park to discover the dream machines they invented. The five elaborated working prototypes stay on display this week at the Technology Park. After this week the exhibition will move to the different elementary schools that participated.

MyMachine Òbidos (Portugal) announcing their Grand Exhibition 2016

Monday 19 September 2016: this marks the start of the MyMachine Òbidos (Portugal) exhibition for this year. The exhibition will showcase all the elaborated dream machines from the 2015-2016 MyMachine cycle in Portugal. 100 children from different elementary class rooms will visit the exhibition that will be on display for 1 week. After this week, the exhibition will travel to the different schools that participated.

The program

  • 10:30 AM – Opening Session
    • OBITEC – Miguel Silvestre
    • Collation of the participating schools – Artur Oliveira
    • ESAD – John Santos
    • CENFIM – Vitor Lapa
    • The City of Obidos – Humberto Marques
  • 10:50 AM – Signing of the new protocol for 2016-2017
  • 11:00 AM – Opening van MyMachine Òbidos Exhibition 2015/2016.

obidos2016Come and join us in Portugal next Monday to witness for example this brilliant “The-don’t-let-the-tacher-think-about-giving-us-homework-today-machine”. Discover the other dream machines here.

Read more here:

MyMachine Belgium Final Exhibition 2016

Some rain. But for most, a lot of sun and very hot temperatures in downtown Brussels. 4 dream machines are on display outside of The Bronks (Youth Theatre), 6 dream machines inside. With a direct impact of 65, this means that more than 700 people collaborated in creating these dream machines. The participating elementary school children visited the exhibition on the opening day, last Thursday, in Brussels. Coming from all over the country, they came to test the machines. It was a wonderful party.

Thank you to the MyMachine Belgium (Flanders) team and all schools and students involved. The dream machines are still on display until Saturday 25th of June, Brussels.

MyMachine Slovenia Final Exhibition 2016

MyMachine Slovenia presented their Final Exhibition 2016 at the Rampa Lab in Ljubljana. This exhibition celebrates the conclusion of the MyMachine Slovenia 2015-2016 cycle. 9 working prototypes are on display. With an average (MyMachine Global) of 65 people directly involved, this means that these 9 elaborated dream machines, were built through a collaboration of more then 580 people. Congratulations to the MyMachine Slovenia team and all schools and students involved. We’re proud of the result and are very much looking forward to the new cycle to start next school year.

MyMachine Slovenia announcing their 2016 Grand Exhibition

2016LjubljanaMyMachine Slovenia is proudly announcing their 2016 Grand Exhibition. The grand opening is on Thursday 16 June 2016. This is the day on which all children involved will be visiting the exhibition to test the elaborated working prototypes. This will be serious testing by the children, a lot of fun and loud. We’re very much looking forward to it.

The MyMachine Slovenia 2016 Exhibition will be on display from 16 to 24 June at the Rampa Lab, Ljubljana. We truly hope to see you there!

Workshop in Bangalore, India.

Today something unique happened. We were invited by Punith Raj to do a “MyMachine workshop” in his coaching center, called JJ Academy. Punith has taken the initiative to start this academy to help out 120 children in this neighborhood of Bangalore, with their homework or teach them extra courses. This happens each day from Monday to Saturday after school hours till 20PM. By doing this children become really motivated to do good in school, to learn and to discover their talents and passion.

What we did this morning was special. We had the opportunity to do a ‘workshop’ simulating Step 1 of the MyMachine process: the ideation phase with the children. The bonus was that even older youngsters stepped in to draw their own dream machine as well.

It was a wonderful experience, showcasing that it would be extraordinary if we could setup, in the near future, MyMachine in Karnataka.

Thank you very much to Punith and his wonderful family and team that runs the academy, for their great hospitality, friendship and enthusiasm. Thank you to the truly wonderful Indiaplatform team for the setup. We hope to be back soon. Thank you Emanuel Maes for part of these pictures.

MyMachine going Main Stage at Liberal Education and The Future of the University Conference in India – June 10th

ConferenceMyMachine is very proud to be invited to talk at this international conference co-organized by India Platform and BMS College of Engineering, in Bengaluru, India. The Conference that will take place on the 10th and 11th of June, has one theme: The Concern for Creativity.

The organizers claim that all around Asia, there is a growing concern about the role of creativity in education.  Even though technological developments have been on the rise for quite some time, major breakthroughs in science and technology rarely occur here. In India, both educators and employers point out that graduates excel in taking tests and performing specific tasks but lack imagination when it comes to developing new ideas and inventions.
Why do the (higher) education institutions not succeed at bringing forth creative minds? How should we change our universities and colleges to succeed?
The remedy then seems self-evident: to introduce genuine liberal education into the Indian higher education landscape so that students ‘learn to think for themselves’.

In short, no better place to introduce MyMachine. We’re very grateful for the opportunity and are very much looking forward to it.
Read more about the conference here: Rethinking India.


MyMachine Oklahoma having its first Grand Exposition

It’s May 20, 2016. It’s been proclaimed officially by the Governor as MyMachine Day in the State of Oklahoma. It’s Friday evening. It’s Oklahoma City. It’s on Film Row. It’s 70° F. It’s a Block Party. It’s packed with food trucks. And most importantly, 8 elaborated dream machines from MyMachine Oklahoma are on display. Congratulations to the MyMachine Oklahoma team and all the participating schools! It’s truly been a wonderful day.

Governor Fallin proclaimed May 20, 2016 as MyMachine Day in the State of Oklahoma!

Governor Oklahoma

“Whereas, the MyMachine initiative is preserving creativity that so quickly escapes our children as they grow into young adults; and

Whereas, it is fitting and proper to recognize the labors of the children, parents and educators, who have played a rol in this noteworthy project and praise their efforts which have realized spectacular inventions from the minds of Oklahoma’s sons and daughters;

Now therefore, I, Mary Fallin, Governor do hereby proclaim May 20, 2016 as

‘MyMachine Day’

in the State of Oklahoma.”

We are so proud on this day of your first Final Exposition of MyMachine Oklahoma. Thank you so much Oklahoma!

The New York Academy of Sciences and MyMachine announce collaboration

MyMachine Global is proud to announce it started a collaboration with The New York Academy of Sciences. Today Hank Nourse – Director Digital Content Strategy and Instructional Design, met again with MyMachine global Co-Founder Piet Grymonprez in New York.
The New York Academy of Sciences is the world’s nexus of scientific innovation in the service of humanity. For nearly 200 years—since 1817—the Academy has brought together extraordinary people working at the frontiers of discovery and promoted vital links between science and society. NYAS_LogoThroughout its history, the Academy’s Membership has featured leaders in science, business, academia, and government, including U.S. Presidents Jefferson and Monroe, Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Margaret Mead, and Albert Einstein. Today, the Academy President’s Council includes 27 Nobel Laureates as well as CEOs, philanthropists, and leaders of national science funding agencies. The Academy has a three-pronged mission: to advance scientific research and knowledge, to support scientific literacy and to promote the resolution of society’s global challenges through science-based solutions.

Piet Grymonprez and Hank Nourse
Left: Piet Grymonprez, Co-Founder MyMachine Right: Hank Nourse, New York Academy of Sciences

Hank Nourse: “I was one of those kids who loved school. It was the anticipation of learning new things, the promise of discovery, the sense of possibility that excited me. When I learned about MyMachine, I recalled that sense of excitement and wonder. MyMachine indulges children’s imaginations, and reminds those of us who aren’t children how rewarding it is to dream, explore, and create.

MyMachine’s innovative approach to learning and making embodies many of the principles outlined in the STEM Education Framework of the academy. Throughout the process of conceiving these machines, students develop many other 21st-century skills, like strengthening critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities as they grapple with how best to turn a child’s concept into reality. The MyMachine program also distinguishes itself by encouraging students to exercise agency and persistence—two capacities that are essential to success not only in STEM fields but in adult life. MyMachine’s instructional approach is an excellent example of two important practices advocated in the framework: real-world application and project-based learning.”
MyMachine is growing fast. Only 2 years ago co-founders Jan Despiegelaere – The Community Foundation of West-Flanders, Filip Meuris – Leiedal and Piet Grymonprez – HOWEST University of Applied Sciences, started with a franchise system to launch MyMachine outside of Belgium (Europe). Only 3 weeks ago, the latest of the franchises stepped in, The Carpathian Foundation, to start MyMachine Slovakia. Up to this date, all of this is adding up to 7 countries (Belgium, France, Slovenia, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa and USA) on 3 continents. Piet Grymonprez: “As MyMachine is growing rapidly, so does its impact. That’s why the New York Academy of Sciences is considering the MyMachine Global Foundation as strategic partner”. The collaboration between the two organizations will focus on strengthening each others methodologies and online services.

Here’s the 8 dream machines from MyMachine Oklahoma that will have their premiere this Friday!

MyMachine Oklahoma is finishing their very first cycle this week. Next Friday the working prototypes of these dream machines will be on display at their Grand MyMachine Oklahoma Exposition in the city center of Oklahoma City:

1. Baseball Machine
The Idea behind this dream machine is that an individual child can experience aspects of baseball usually requiring a partner. Ideally, we can reproduce something that looks humanoid in nature, to replicate the feeling of playing with a partner and not just a machine.

  • Launches balls very high
  • Mobile (1 person can move and operate machine)
  • Capable of throwing a pitch
  • Variable speeds
  • Throwing arm?
  • Can play catch with the machine.

2. Rubber Band Launcher
The Rubber Band Launcher should be capable of launching a continuous stream of rubber bands. The core idea of this machine is that it works rapidly.

  • Accuracy not as important as rate of fire
  • No physical design requests given
  • Notes stress rapid fire machine.

3. Rainbow Maker
A machine that projects a color spectrum (rainbow) either through a transparent object, or directly onto a wall/ceiling. 

  • Students mentioned projecting through various shapes (snowflake, tiger, Pluto)
  • Students liked the idea of it projecting different color schemes onto a wall or ceiling
  • Can utilize RGB LEDs to create the color spectrums and be able to change them
  • If we use RGB LEDs we will probably need an Arduino kit to organize and manage color schemes.
  • Maybe project rainbow through different stencil templates.

4. Kitty Volcano Candy Dispenser
Students want a non-traditional volcano build (no lava or viscous fluid). The most important design aspect is that when it erupts it spews a few pieces of packaged candy (think tootsie rolls).

  • Head opens up (hinged) and erupts the candy
  • Candy suggestions vary from skittles to poptarts. Probably meet in the middle with small prepackaged candies.
  • The device should be button activated
  • Could use to store Halloween candy (make reservoir large).

5. Banana Launcher
A device shaped like a cannon or banana that launches bananas. There was no consensus on how to launch the banana (whole, in pieces, peel, or no peel) so there is room for creativity.

  • Powering it with air pressure will probably be easiest/cheapest route
  • If we want to slice it, attaching steel wires to the muzzle should work
  • Big design concern is keeping the machine clean from waste
  • Students never specified how far they want to be able to launch the banana
  • Students liked the idea of making the launcher resemble a banana.

6. Lava Lamp Fountain
The students liked the idea of a lava lamp, but wanted to see it created in a different way. Turning a lava lamp into a fountain was a very popular idea, as well as turning a lava lamp into different objects such as the Millennium Falcon. 

  • If the lamp is done fountain style, students requested it be goopy.
  • Lava would ooze rather than run like water
  • Other than Millennium Falcon, a popular suggestion for the shape was a globe.
  • No specific requests were made for color or material for the ooze.

7. Colorful Shaped Night Light
Students want a night light that has interesting color schemes. Many requests were made for the machine to have a button that calls a parent. 

  • Popular request was that it hangs from the ceiling
    • This makes putting a button on it difficult
  • Requests were made for it to glow in the dark
    • Could make object more mobile
    • Are there enough glow in the dark color schemes to put together an interesting pallete?
  • Requests were also made for there to be interchangeable pieces on the night light
    • Maybe a globe we can place different animals on.

8. Push Button Rocket Launcher

The concept of the rocket is easy to make and launch. A push button launcher is a key part of the design. The rocket design focuses on using A1‑liter soda bottle with a 3D printed nose cone. Power for this star reacher is produced by a bicycle air pump.


a new franchise has been signed: welcome MyMachine Slovakia!

We are very honored to announce that MyMachine has signed a new franchise agreement. The Carpathian Foundation has taken a franchise to start MyMachine Slovakia.

This means that MyMachine, honored by United Nations, is now in on 3 continents in 7 countries: Belgium, France, Slovenia, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa and USA.

The MyMachine Foundation is honored with the Carpathian Foundation taking on a franchise. Laura Dittel, CEO of the Carpathian Foundation: “we were looking on a global scale for existing and proven methodologies and found this in MyMachine. We recognized the potential of MyMachine on so many levels and the fact that we can become a member of an international MyMachine community will give MyMachine Slovakia a great leverage”.

MyMachine Slovakia started with the preparations. Jana Petrekova and her colleagues are  working hard to make sure the very first cycle of MyMachine Slovakia can start in September 2016.

We are very anxious to see the first dream machines in Slovakia.

Take a look at the brilliant new dream machines of MyMachine Slovenia

Take a look at the wonderful dream machines being built by MyMachine Slovenia:

1. Plavac:
This machine gives children vocal instructions that helps them to learn to swim. The dream machine will also play with them in the water.

2. Save-Driving-Machine:
This dream machine is a driving assistent for adults and children in the car. It gives a vocal warning when the car drives to fast and it gives the driver a compliment when he or she is reducing the car speed. The dream machine will be blue.

3. Sensor Suitcase:
problem: I often have to look for the remote control of my playstation.
solution: we build a suitcase with a sensor that will guide me to the place where I can find the remote control. This suitcase can also be used as a satchel to go to school.

4. The Juicer:
The juicer is a treadmill that turn apples into juice. But don’t be mistaken, the Juicer can make other juices as well.

5. The breakfast maker:
This machine looks like a robot and makes a delicious breakfast for you.

6. The Singing Songs Slide:
This is a wonderful slide to play on. It’s colorful like flowers, and has glitters and lights. Underneath is hiding place with cushions.

7. The Zombie Machine:
This machine can make real zombies that protect you and help you doing things at home (if you ask it friendly). This machine is a collaboration between MyMachine Slovenia and MyMachine Belgium.

To find out more about the dream machines in Slovenia:


Meet the five brilliant Dream Machines from MyMachine Portugal this year

MyMachine Óbidos is building five dream machines this year, and they’re brilliant:

  1. “The-don’t-let-the-tacher-think-about-giving-us-homework-today-machine”

Problem: we don’t like to be given home work by the teacher.
Solution: when the time comes the teacher chooses to give us homework, we pupils put a helmet on the head of the teacher. This Don’t-let-the-tacher-think-about-giving-us-homework-today-helmet makes her forget about homework, and makes her think of good things instead. How does it work? The Helmet has a series of buttons that they can choose from to directing the thinking of the teacher to love, nature, environment or imagine that she’s in the clouds!

2. “The-tranquility-machine”

Problem: some children misbehave on the playground
Solution: this machine enables you to direct a laser beam to those kids to calm them.

3. “The-super-dog-vacuum-cleaner”

Problem: our bedroom is often full with garbage and we have a friend who is afraid of dogs
Solution: create a vacuum cleaner that looks like a dog and that helps you cleaning up our room and that enables our friend to stop being afraid of dogs.

4. “The-ride”
Problem: I don’t have any remote-controlled car and would like to build the best car in the world
Solution: build a wooden remote controlled car that works on batteries.

5. “The-increase-my-concentration-helmet”

Problem: I’d like to be more focused in class.
Solution: build a helmet that helps us to be more focused in the classroom.


We’re already very curious to see the working prototypes when they’ll be finished in June.

MyMachine Slovenia Work In Progress 2016

MyMachine Slovenia just launched their Work-In-Progress event. At their event all involved higher education students got together to showcase their scale models to each other. This event gave them the great opportunity to give feedback to each others work.

The Work-In-Progress exhibition remains open to the public for one month at the Rampa Laboratorij in Ljubljana.

Read more at:

MyMachine Belgium (Flanders) Work-In-Progress

Yesterday was a great day for MyMachine Belgium. Hundreds of children visited the “inventor-school” (Howest University of Applied Sciences – Industrial Design Center) to assess the works of the product and game design students. At this Work-In-Progress event all children inventors give honest feedback about the elaboration of the concepts of their dream machine.

This event is a wonderful experience for all involved. It brings up a lot of smiles and surprises. Children, students, teachers, professors: all are proud of their works. It gives all of us a great boost to go on and start Phase 3, where the actual working prototypes are going to be made by the talented pupils at the technical high schools.

MyMachine to be honored at Agoria Annual Assemblies International Business Clubs

The MyMachine Global Foundation is proud to announce to be invited at the Belgian Agoria Annual Assemblies International Business Clubs.
On Tuesday 8 December 2015, the Annual Assemblies International Business Clubs will honor the MyMachine Global Foundation for the work we do on a global scale to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Annual Assemblies International Business ClubsMore than 500 international companies will be in Brussels that day witnessing the MyMachine presentation. All companies present will donate a financial contribution to the MyMachine Global Foundation.

Agoria brings together and defends the interests of companies in the technology industry. The federation is committed to the future of these companies and the nearly 275 thousand people they employ. With 1.700 member companies, Agoria is the largest sectoral employers’ federation in Belgium.

Read more here: Agoria Annual Assemblies International Business Clubs

Children in Slovenia and Belgium want to see a working prototype of the ZOMBIE machine

The ZOMBIE machine is the idea that the children in Slovenia and Belgium want to see realized as a working prototype. This machine can make real zombies that protect you and help you doing things at home (if you ask them friendly). Has this anything do to with the Halloween period? One thing’s for sure: they give the students a challenging task for the coming weeks!

On 9 November 2015 the higher education students from Howest University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk – Belgium) will travel to Slovenia to work together with the Slovenian Engineering from the University of Ljubljana and Arts students from the University of Nova Gorica. During 5 days they will collaborate as a true international MyMachine team to develop this idea. So finally, technical middle and high schools in Belgium and Slovenia can cooperate to build a working prototype of this machine before June 2016.

IMG_3584But first all learners could make their own version of the ZOMBIE machine by making a mock up. By doing this the higher education students can better understand the wishes and demands of the children. In this way we want to strengthen the MyMachine idea of realizing a dream machine together!
Here you can see a glimpse of the second creativity approach in the Belgian class room: 

Read more on MyMachine Flanders/Belgium
Read more on MyMachine Slovenia

MyMachine Belgium and Slovenia creating together one dream machine !

MyMachine Global is proud to announce a new and unique international collaboration between MyMachine Flanders (Belgium) and MyMachine Slovenia.

During this academic year the 3 educational levels in Belgium (Kortrijk) and Slovenia (Ljubljana and Nova Gorica) will cooperate both offline and online as one international team with one goal: the making of a working prototype of one common dream machine! Meanwhile they will share ideas, experiences and aspects from their own culture and everyday environment.

What happened so far

On 20 October this unique MyMachine international collaboration started. Pupils from an elementary school in Belgium (De Sprong in Kortrijk) and in Slovenia (Frana Erjavca, Nova Gorica) were pleasantly surprised to welcome higher education students in their classroom.

The Product Design students from Howest University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk – Belgium) and a team of Engineering students from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Arts students from the University of Nova Gorica – School of Arts) organized each in their own country a creativity approach to help the children to invent and draw and tinker their very own dream machines.

Then the children could present and explain their own dream machine for their class and choose on each side of the Alps, 3 favorite ideas of dream machines that they want to see build as a working prototype.

This is the video from the creativity approach in Belgium:

This is the video from the creativity approach in Slovenia:


The children in Slovenia and Belgium have chosen their favorite 6 dream machines

Elementary School pupils from Belgium and their peers in Slovenia exchanged their favorite 3 ideas and drawings of each class. The result is a list of 6 ideas of the “BELSLO class”. You can discover these smart inventions below. Soon the children from both countries will select one dream machine that they all want to see build as a working prototype.

  1. The sleeping machine
    Jochen (Boy, 10) made a sleeping machine, especially designed for children like him who have difficulties falling asleep at night. If you cannot sleep, hang the sleep machine over your head. It has a lot of solutions for falling asleep fast and good. This machine can sprinkle magic sleeping salt in your eyes, there are pink clouds passing by that you will naturally close your eyes from and there is sleep music. If this doesn’t work the machine will try its hypnotic sleepy eyes and finally there are sleeping pills. With this machine, you will sleep like a little baby again!
  2. The singing machine
    Anouk (Girl, 10) invented a singing machine. This machine is made for children who can’t sing that good but still want to sing as if they were an opera singer or Elza from Frozen!
    You enter the singing bubble, where you can choose between all kinds of buttons. Each button represents a different singer, for example Elza.
    When you push that button and start to sing in the microphone all the way, outsiders will think that you can sing as beautifully as Elza! With this machine there are no bad singers anymore. From now on you can sing like a nightingale or Mega Mindy?!
  1. The Zombie machine
    Saiko (Boy, 8) designed a zombie machine that makes real zombies, so everyone can have his own security-zombie. The zombie will stand at your doorstep as a piece of decoration, but if necessary he will become alive, protect you and ensure that you’re safe at home. And when you ask your zombie in a friendly way to open the door gate, he will do it, clever!
  1. The MirrorMakeMe
    Nastja (Girl, 8) thinks the everyday morning routine of washing teeth and combing hair is boring and it takes too long. The Magic mirror machine solves that. Once you see your reflection in it, it automatically washes your teeth and combs your hair.
    This mirror is activated only when you look at it. It would not be ok if it would brush your teeth and comb your hair every time you walk by it.
  1. The MagniShrinker
    Aleks (Boy, 8) and David (Boy, 8) both want a machine that can adjust objects, people and animals to their favourite size. They combined their ideas and invented a machine that can shrink and magnify at the same time.
    The machine has two portals, one of which makes things that you put inside to come out as smaller objects, and the other one makes them bigger. The machine looks like a spider: a smaller spider for the shrinking portal and a bigger one for the enhancing portal.
    In between these 2 portals there has to be a trash can, because trash is strictly forbidden in the portals.
  1. The SSSuperBoots
    Multi-functional flying, flame-casting boots are a combination of three dream machines which were first separately invented by Tomas (Boy, 8), Martin (Boy, 8) and Luka (Boy, 8), who then realized, that all ideas together make a machine, that can do all the cool stuff: the super boots machine can make you fly, jump, cast flame and let out stinky green gas while doing all that.
    This invention is solving the issue on how to have more fun! It‘s also realizing a wish of the three boys who want to jump the highest, who all have a crazy dream of wanting to fly, followed by a sparkly, smelly spectacle. The Boots can slow down with a push on the button. A battery powers them, but if they get empty, they can be powered by electricity.

Participating schools in Belgium and Slovenia

Elementary school class

  • De Sprong Kortrijk – Belgium, class PE 05
  • Frana Erjavca Nova Gorica – Slovenië, class 3

Higher education institute

Technical middle school

  • Provincial Technical Institute Kortrijk
  • Technical Middle School Slovenia

MyMachine Oklahoma started!

Fabulous to see that yet another country is taking up MyMachine! One-hundred second graders at Soldier Creek Elementary in the Mid-Del School district (Oklahoma) are firing up their creative juices. They are taking pen in hand to put on paper their “dream machine”.

The students of Rose State College dressed up last Friday to meet the pupils in the elementary school. We are already curious about the dream machines they’ve invented! Another similar kick-off will take place this week at the John Rex Charter Elementary (Oklahoma City).

Read more here:

MyMachine at Unesco Preparatory Meeting in Brussels

In preparation of the bi-annual Unesco Global General Assembly which is going to take place at the Unesco Global headquarters in Paris early November, Unesco Europe organized a Preparatory Meeting in Brussels last week. This preparatory meeting was focused on young people to give ideas and advice in preparation of the 9th Unesco Youth Forum, prior to the General Assembly.

The Preparatory Youth Meeting of Unesco Europe is a network of Unesco National Commissions, Youth Councils and Youth Organizations from 26 European countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia,  Cyprus, Estonia, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Sweden, Ukraine, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Norway.

On Saturday 17 October Mihajela Crnko (Project Lead MyMachine Slovenia) presented MyMachine and MyMachine Slovenia as part of the Slovenian Workshop. The young participants were invited to create their own dream machine. They were really motivated and proud of their inventions. The idea of the workshop was to give them an insight on how an organization like MyMachine is contributing to some of the global goals of Unesco.



MyMachine Flanders (Belgium) starts their new MyMachine cycle

Kick off of a new MyMachine cycle by the Howest students Digital Arts & Entertainment and the 5th grade of the Elementary School Edugo St. Vincentius. This part of the MyMachine Flanders (Belgium) cycle is about translating the idea into a game. Some ingredients for the game: a love-machine that unites separated parents by using brain manipulation and/or a public-strike-machine that would cause every Friday to be a day that school is closed due to the strike.

We’re already very curious!





MyMachine keynote speaker at the Internet of Education Conference 2015 in Sarajevo

Sarajevo_Internet of Education ConferenceToday we’re proud to announce that MyMachine will be a keynote speaker at the Internet of Education Conference 2015 in Sarajevo (Friday 18 September 2015).

The goal of this event is to bring together researchers and policy makers from both university and academia to present methods for improving the effectiveness of online and open education but also promote discussion of the implications of MOOCs and new EduTech trends for classical university education, especially in the South-East European region.

The IOE 2015 looks at how education systems and schools around the world are innovating with Artificial Intelligence methods and tools, STEM projects like MyMachine, video repositories like VideoLectures.Net and innovation environments like OpeningUpSlovenia. The idea is to:

  • Reach-out into the Region, covering countries in South-East Europe (SEE) and the Danube Region
  • Provide a catalyst for thinking about these issues
  • Promote international collaboration in this context
  • Explore new educational technologies
  • Involve and invite all stakeholders: school teachers and deans, policy makers, governmental officers, provosts, faculty,  researchers, UNESCO National Committees in the region.

Read more:

MyMachine Óbidos Exhibition 2015 opens today!

MM_Obidos_2015_exhibition5Today is another great day for MyMachine. In the Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos MyMachine Óbidos opens their 2015 Exhibition!

So we are proud to present

  • the Educadora: the machine that learns how to tie your shoes
  • the Matira: the helmet with lights and music to make you feel safe in the night
  • the Biocleta: a boat with pedals to catch flies and take off the balls from the roof of the schoolbuilding
  • the Comboio Hulk: a train with pedals to drive it
  • the Eduardo Robot: shows us how to tie our shoes, but we have to do it really fast, as the robot shows the time needed to tie the shoes.

Many distinguished guest will be visiting the exhibition today, like amongst others the Prime Minister of Portugal.

MyMachine Óbidos will also have an extra event in September for all the participating children, pupils and students who have been working really hard to make these fantastic machines.

A big thank you to the wonderful MyMachine Óbidos team for their great work!

MM_Obidos_2015_exhibition12 MM_Obidos_2015_exhibition11 MM_Obidos_2015_exhibition10 MM_Obidos_2015_exhibition9 MM_Obidos_2015_exhibition7 MM_Obidos_2015_exhibition6MM_Obidos_2015_exhibition4 

MyMachine Óbidos visiting Kortrijk

Today, MyMachine Óbidos is visiting MyMachine Global in the city of Kortrijk, Belgium. Miguel Silvestre who is running MyMachine Óbidos together with Ana Sofia Godinho, brought with him a group of Portuguese Mayors.

  • MM Obidos_visit to Kortrijk_July_2015Left: Miguel Silvestre, MyMachine Óbidos
  • Middle: Piet Grymonprez, Co-Founder MyMachine
  • Right: Telmo Faria, former Mayor of Óbidos





MM Obidos_visit to Kortrijk_July_2015_2It was clear from the start that Portuguese Mayors are really creative. Looking forward to new Portuguese Dream Machines to be invented soon!


MyMachine Exhibition Slovenia and Belgium widely covered in the media

We’re very happy to share some of the great media coverage both exhibitions benefitted from both in Slovenia as in Belgium. Here’s 2 examples from both countries:

MM_slovenia in DeloIn Slovenia the MyMachine Exhibition got almost a complete page in the Delo (one of, if not the most important newspaper in Slovenia). You can see the picture to the left (Slovenian).

Another great article to mention is the coverage by, the largest online media company of Slovenia: click here to read the great article: (Slovenian).





P1000827MyMachine Belgium got great local media coverage by regional television company WTV-FOCUS: (Dutch).

Another great article to mention is this one from Flanders Today (Flanders Today, an English-language online and print newspaper, is an initiative of the Flemish Region): (English).

Grand Opening of MyMachine Belgium Exhibition

Today was a magnificent day for MyMachine. MyMachine Belgium (Flanders) just celebrated their Grand Opening in Kortrijk. The expo tails the 2014-15 edition of MyMachine Belgium (Flanders).

450 Children from the participating schools in Belgium, arrived at 10 o’clock. They could discover all of the elaborated working prototypes and test them out ! The higher education students were there to host the different dream machines and guide all the children from elementary schools around the exhibition. It was loud. It was fun. It was magic.

The MyMachine Belgium Exhibition runs until 29 June 2015 at the Budafabriek, Kortrijk.

Read more about MyMachine Belgium here:


Grand Opening of MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition

Today is a historic day for MyMachine. The first ever exhibition outside Belgium is a fact. MyMachine Slovenia just celebrated their Grand Opening at the MAO in Ljubljana. The expo tails the 2014-15 edition of MyMachine Slovenia.

150 Children from the participating schools in Slovenia, arrived at the MAO at 11 o’clock. At first they could tell their stories about their dream machines with the famous Slovenian rapper Trkaj! Trkaj is not only a great supporter of MyMachine Slovenia, for which we are very grateful; he’s also working in education. Then the children entered the building and discovered their developed dream machines. It was magic and love at first sight. To finish, the children could draw new dream machines or even construct dream machines with different materials, thanks to the MAO museum. So a big thank you to MAO for supporting MyMachine Slovenia.

Well done MyMachine Slovenia! It was absolutely marvelous!

The MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition runs until 9 July 2015 at the MAO.

Read more about MyMachine Slovenia here:


MyMachine Slovenia article in Delo National Newspaper

MM Slovenia Delo 2“Does creativity evaporate when entering Elementary School?” is the title of this grand interview with Mihajela Crnko from MyMachine Slovenia, in the National Slovenian Newspaper Delo.

This article is a great promotion for MyMachine Slovenia, two days before the opening of
the first MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition at the Mao in Ljubljana.

Join us at the Mao next Thursday, when a 100 children and students involved in MyMachine Slovenia will visit the first exhibition.

LJUBLJANAPOLIS - Mihajela ČrnkoRead the whole interview here (Slovenian):

Sneak preview on the MyMachine Flanders (Belgium) results: this is the Disease-Vacuum-Cleaner

Click here for the Dutch Documentary by Regional Television TV OOST:

children/inventors from the Belgian elementary school discovering, at the technical high school, their working prototype: the Disease-Vacuum-Cleaner. This is one of the dream machines that will be on display at the Grand MyMachine Flanders Exhibition, opening June 18th in the City of Kortrijk.

Join us at the Exhibition at Buda Arts Center in Kortrijk, Belgium on June 18 to discover all drawings and all working prototypes.

Read more at:

MyMachine Slovenia is announcing its first Grand Exhibition 2015

11126934_820917381311955_3308961045497622262_n-2MyMachine Slovenia will be concluding its first MyMachine cycle with an Exhibition that will take place 11 June –  9 July 2015 at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The opening event will take place on 11 June. 100 children from the participating kindergarten Trnovo, Primary School Savsko naselje and Primary School Idrija together with pupils, students and supporters of MyMachine Slovenia will have the first opportunity to see 150 drawings of Dream Machines and the four built working prototypes.

The opening event of the exhibition will also host a special surprise guest for the children and youngsters.

Read more on the Exhibition on the website of MAO.
Read more about MyMachine Slovenia here:

MyMachine Slovenia in national newspaper

MM SLovenia in Primorski ValWe are proud to share that MyMachine Slovenia has again been published in a Slovenian Newspaper, this time Primorski Val.

As the first MyMachine Slovenia Cycle is reaching completion within 2 weeks, the press attention is focussing on the upcoming MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition. This Exhibition will showcase all creativity which has been taken place at the participating schools and universities.

Read more about MyMachine Slovenia here:

MyMachine Belgium announces its Grand Exhibition 2015

save the dateThe MyMachine Flanders (Belgium) Grand Exhibition will take place 18-28 June 2015 at the Buda Arts Center in the City of Kortrijk.

This Grand Exhibition is the final chapter of the MyMachine Flanders (Belgium) cycle 2014-2015. In this cycle more than 600 pupils and students from 21 different schools in Flanders participated.

18 June is the official opening for all participating schools and stakeholders.

DSC_0064More than 600 pupils and students will be at the grand opening, to see all the drawings from the children in elementary schools, the sketches, technical drawings and scale models from the higher education students and of course, the working prototypes build by the technical high school pupils.

The public can visit the exhibition until 28 June.

Read more here:

MyMachine Slovenia in national newspaper

MM Slovenia in Newspaper May 2015Dinozaver za igrace in raketni avto:
the article in the newspaper Primorske Novice explains the idea of MyMachine and goes into the different MyMachines that are now being built in Slovenia.  The article explains 2 examples, the Dinosaur-Collect-My-Toys-Machine and the Car-Like-A Rocket-Machine.

Within a couple of weeks, children in Slovenia will be able to discover their Dream Machines and test them out. Then these Dream Machines will move on to be part of the MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition in Ljubljana.

Stay tuned on this website for more news on the exhibition.

Read more on MyMachine Slovenia:


MyMachine Flanders (Belgium) launches new Call for Participants 2015-2016

IMG_6472MyMachine Flanders in Belgium, just launched their new call for participants 2015-2016. This call for participants aims at schools in Flanders and Brussels to participate at the MyMachine cycle 2015-2016 in Belgium. This new MyMachine cycle will start end of September 2015.


If your school wants to apply, follow this link:

We’re ready to start dreaming about your dream machines!

MyMachine at The Open Education Global Conference 2015 in Canada

MyMachine Slovenia has made it possible for MyMachine to be at the Open Education Global Conference 2015 (22-24 April 2015) in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Open Education Global Conference 2015The Open Education Global Conference is the annual opportunity for researchers, practitioners, policy makers and educators to deeply explore open education and its impact on global education.

MM_poster_sl_openeducationConference participants will hear from thought leaders in open education and have the opportunity to share ideas, practices and discuss issues important to the future of education worldwide.  Sessions cover new developments in open education, research results, innovative technology, policy development and implementation, and practical solutions to challenges facing education around the world.

The theme for Open Education Global 2015 is Entrepreneurship and Innovation, emphasizing the exciting directions and developments in open education around the world.

More info:

MyMachine starts in Oklahoma, USA !

Rose State CollegeMyMachine Oklahoma is starting up in August 2015 ! This is the result of combined efforts of Susan McCalmont, president of Creative Oklahoma and Jeanie Webb, president of the Rose State College.

MyMachine Oklahoma is run by Stan Greil and his marvelous team at Rose State College in Oklahoma City.

MM Oklahoma_signed franchise
Rose State College offered its first classes on September 21, 1970. Initially called Mid-Del Junior College, it was renamed Oscar Rose Junior College in memory of the Midwest City-Del City Superintendent of Schools. On April 1983 the college’s name was officially changed to Rose State College. The college is located in Midwest City, OK, just minutes away from downtown Oklahoma City.

DSC_0358Academically, the college is organized around five divisions:  Business and Information Technology, Engineering and Science, Health Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences.  Almost 60 degree and skilled-occupational programs are available, many of which prepare students for completion of a bachelor’s degree.

The first pilot will start in August 2015 in collaboration with teacher Melinde Ryan at the Soldier Creek Elementary, teacher Adam Zodrow at the John Rex Charter Elementary and teacher Jim Moery at Mid/Del Technology Center.

We are really looking forward to see the first results of MyMachine Oklahoma!

Some facts about Oklahoma:

  • Forbes ranked Oklahoma City #7 on the 2014 ‘Best Places For Business 2014’ list of 200 cities
  • Kiplinger (October 2014) ranked Oklahoma City #1 on the top ten cities list for budding entrepreneurs
  • From the Nerdwallet Study (2014), Oklahoma City was ranked #1 best city in USA to launch a startup.

MyMachine going main stage at the Creativity World Forum 2015

Piet on stage CWF 2015 Oklahoma CityPiet Grymonprez, co-founder of MyMachine, was invited to talk about MyMachine at the Creativity World Forum 2015. The CWF was opened in de morning by Sir Ken Robinson, who gave his in-depth vision on the challenges the educational system has and its impact on our society.

MyMachine was offered a spot in the time schedule for the main stage in Oklahoma City (Usa) in the afternoon, showcasing as an example of how to tackle the issues addressed by Sir Ken Robinson in the morning.

Piet on stage CWF 2015 Oklahoma City 2Sir Ken Robinson CWF2015Creative Oklahoma that organized the CWF, also emphasized on the fact that MyMachine is going to start in August 2015 in Oklahoma, with the Rose State College in the lead.


After the MyMachine talk, Rose State College president Jeanie Webb and vice-president Stan Greil joined the stage to proudly announce the start of MyMachine Oklahoma. The first pilot will start in August 2015 in collaboration with teacher Melinde Ryan at the Soldier Creek Elementary, teacher Adam Zodrow at the John Rex Charter Elementary and teacher Jim Moery at Mid/Del Technology Center.

MyMachine on stage at the Creativity World Forum 2015 in Oklahoma City, USA

CWF15_sloganToday we’re a little bit proud to announce that MyMachine is asked to speak at the Creativity World Forum 2015: “All of our Futures: ideas that matter!”.



CWF15_SpeakersThis event is this time hosted by Creative Oklahoma and will take place in Oklahoma City, USA on March 31st. The World Forum features a.o. speakers like Sir Ken Robinson, Michael Strautmanis (Walt Disney), Stephan Turnipseed (Lego).






MyMachine will host one of the Suite Conversations: you can find the program here.

We’re looking forward to this and hope to see you there. Let the countdown begin.





MyMachine Slovenia on national radio

RTV Slovenia MMCMihajela CrnkoSlovenian national radio has hosted MyMachine Slovenia in a live radio show titled “A look into science”. The show has focused on creativity in education and mostly on the innovative dream machines invented by kids in Slovenia and in Belgium. The listeners had a chance to hear about the ideas being realized in Slovenia currently: the Fairytale-Writing-Machine, the Ball-That-Never-Stops-Bouncing, the Dinosaur-That-Picks-Up-Toys and an Electromagnetic-Rocket-Car.

The introduction to the show has put forward an interesting question: »At what time in our civilization do we lose the ability of coming up with fantastic innovative ideas? The MyMachine initiative is trying to keep them alive. One of the activities of the Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies at the Jozef Stefan Institute is running a Slovenian branch of MyMachine, a global initiative, under which the pupils, students and industries build dream machines that were invented by our youngest.«

Link to the show (Slovenian):

Behind the scenes at the TV studio in Brussels, Belgium

In 6 weeks time, 6 MyMachine inventors from the past were in the national tv-show, in which the guests could vote if the invention was brilliant or not. Guess what? MyMachine got 6 times brilliant!

Here’s a stop motion were you see Brecht presenting his Ball-Cather/Fetcher machine:


And here are some behind-the-scenes-pictures:

bart en siska Emmy2 bart en siska charlotte bart en siska matisse bart en siska Filip bart en siska matisse en piet brecht bart en siska magali bart en siska Tjardo bart en siska Janina Twins   


MyMachine Slovenia presentation in Sarajevo

Mihajela Crnko who’s running MyMachine Slovenia was invited at the Ministry of Education and Science, Canton Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina — in Sarajevo to present MyMachine Slovenia. This was the first presentation and exchange of good practices between Slovenia and  Bosnia-Hercegovina on the topic of open learning environments, open educational resources and new education technologies.

MM slovenia in Sarajevo MM slovenia in Sarajevo 2

Read more on the website of MyMachine Slovenia:

MyMachine Belgium for 6 weeks long on national television

Tonight in the brand new late night talkshow Bart & Siska on VRT (National Television), Charlotte will present her very own dream machine. Charlotte participated in MyMachine Belgium 6 years ago. Now she’s 12 years old and she will look back at the machine she invented when she was in de first grade of the elementary school.

In addition the next 5 Thursday evenings, another 5 dream machines will be presented: Tjardo, Matisse, Brecht, Megan & Caitlin and Emmy will demonstrate and explain their dream machine in the TV studio. 6 weeks in a row you will be able to see how small dreams became big ideas thanks to MyMachine.

Have fun watching the show.


MyMachine Belgium, Work-In-Progress on National and Regional Television

MyMachine Belgium was having its Work-in-Progress Event yesterday.
It made it to the National Television News in Belgium (Dutch) and the Regional Television News (Dutch). Take a look at this short documentary to capture the vibe






MyMachine Belgium, Flanders: Work-In-Progress 2014

Today, more than 400 children visited the Howest Campus in the city of Kortrijk, to discover and discuss the progress made by the Howest Industrial Product Design Students. It was fabulous.

DSC_0002 DSC_0232 DSC_0223 DSC_0206 DSC_0144DSC_0213 DSC_0215  DSC_0205 DSC_0193 DSC_0195 DSC_0185 DSC_0177 DSC_0169 DSC_0170 DSC_0162 DSC_0158 DSC_0143  DSC_0135 DSC_0113 DSC_0103 DSC_0088 DSC_0083 DSC_0081 DSC_0074 DSC_0075 DSC_0071 DSC_0063 DSC_0046DSC_0055 DSC_0053  DSC_0031 DSC_0058 DSC_0099  DSC_0167 DSC_0202 DSC_0211DSC_0148

Just 4 more nights and it’s… for MyMachine Belgium, Flanders

Tuesday 16 december Howest University of Applied Sciences is hosting the MyMachine Work-In-Progress again. 400 children will visit the Howest Industrial Product Design Students to discuss the progress they made, developing a product concept out of the drawings of their dream machines.

The Howest students are working hard to finish the last preparations.

WiP14 preparation 1 WiP14 preparation 2 WiP14 preparation 3 WiP14 preparation 4 WiP14 preparation 5 WiP14 preparation 6 WiP14 preparation 7 WiP14 preparation 7

MyMachine Demonstration in Berlin, Germany

MyMachine Belgium and MyMachine Slovenia are in Berlin (Germany) today at the 20th edition of the International Online Educa Conference, bringing new technology to the educational stage.

More than 40 new machines were invented, this time by grown-ups from all over the world: ranging from a Tie-Shoe-Machine, the Pairing-Single-Socks-Machine, the Machine-That-Can-Sculpt-And-Cave-An-Image to the Machine-To-Make-Me-Younger, the Machine-To-Go-Underwater-Like-A-Shark, The-Time-Making-Machine or the Machine-For-Always-Positive-and-Helpful-Thoughts.

Thank you Berlin!

image image-8 image-7 image-7 kopie image-6 image-6 kopie image-5 image-5 kopie image-4 image-4 kopie image-3 image-3 kopie  image-2 kopie image kopie photo 1-1 photo 1-2 photo 1-3 photo 1-4 photo 1-5 photo 1 photo 2-1 photo 2-2 photo 2-3 photo 2-4 photo 2-5 photo 3-1 photo 3-2 photo 3-3 photo 3-4 photo 4-1  photo 4-3 photo 4 photo 5-1 photo 5 photo-1 photo 4-2 Online_educa_MM_Spocker1 Online_educa_MM_Spocker2


MyMachine Obidos, Portugal signs the MyMachine license.

Proud people in a proud photo: MyMachine Obidos, Portugal has signed the MyMachine license. MyMachine Obidos is run by Miguel Silvestre, Ana Sofia Godinho from Obitec Technology Park (Obidos) and Filipe Pinto from the IPL University (Leiria).

MyMachine Obidos has started a feasibility exercise involving 100 children and students. We will soon be able to reveal the first ideas from the children of Obidos.



MyMachine on stage at VIP event of the Creativity World Forum 2014


For the next two days, the city of Kortrijk (Belgium) is the world capitol of creativity, hosting the 2014 edition of the Creativity World Forum.

We were happy to be invited at the VIP Opening Event to present MyMachine on stage. A big thank you to City of Kortrijk and Flanders DC.

We wish all 3.000 participants 48 hours of topnotch insights on creativity.



MyMachine is finalist for the #CF100 Video Contest of the Council on Foundations

The ‘MyMachine in 100 seconds’ video is within the 10 finalists from 125 submissions worldwide to win one of the TOP 3 prizes for the #CF100 Video Contest of the Council on Foundations, a network of approximately 1.600 foundations in the United States and abroad.

The jury was blown away by the quality, thought and creativity of the ‘MyMachine in 100 seconds’ video.

The winner will be awarded at the 2014 Fall Conference for Community Foundations from October 19-22 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Thumbs up for MyMachine!


MyMachine on stage at the Queen Paola Foundation and the Dirk Frimout Foundation Award show in Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian Queen Paola Foundation is dedicated to support the integration and education of youth. The Belgian Dirk Frimout Foundation, established by Dirk Frimout the first Belgian astronaut, is dedicated to support scientific knowledge of earth and space.

Both foundations collaborate to organise a yearly contest, aiming at pupils from Belgian secondary schools, that elaborate an integrated project with focus on sustainable technologies and solutions.

At the award ceremony at the Academy Palace (founded in 1772) in Brussels (Belgium), both foundations asked MyMachine to present the unique MyMachine concept.

Afterwards we had the opportunity to talk to Belgian Royal Princess Claire, the President of the Queen Paola Foundation Bernard de Traux de Wardin, Dirk Frimout, Tijs Mauroo and Marie-Pierre Mouligneau.

We would like to thank the Queen Paola Foundation and the Dirk Frimout Foundation for this great opportunity. We hope they will continue their great work to promote green technology and creativity to youngsters.

MM_princess_claire MM_prijsfocusaarde MM_MariePierre_Mouligneau MM_burggraaf_astronaut_dirk_frimout MM_burggraaf_astronaut_dirk_frimout_2 paleis_voorkant

MyMachine pilot in Slovenia is working on 2 new machines

logo MyMachine - SloveniaMyMachine Slovenia is now running a MyMachine pilot in the city of Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, and the city of Kranj. This pilot includes 2 machines that will be built with the participation of 3 schools.

The Dream machines are invented by 39 pupils in the first grade class room of teacher Tjaša Pirc Pezdirc at the Primary School Savsko nacelle in Ljubljana.

The MyMachines are being built in two schools:

  1. The middle School Vegova Ljubljana in Ljubljana, where 5 pupils of the 3rd year of the classroom of Nataša Makarovič, are making the Fairy tales writing robot – Ladybug Machine 3 students of Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana are helping them out.
  2. The middle school and higher education school Kranj School Centre in Kranj are making the Walking School Bag Machine.

The Machines have been invented and translated into a concept. Starting from September, these 2 machines are going to be built. We plan on having the 2 working prototypes by December 2014.

The first MyMachine time travel machine is almost a fact!

MM2_IMG_1682South African inventor Valentino, 10 year, dreamt of a special time travel machine. With this machine he could fly anywhere and back in time to see everybody back again.

At this moment the machine comes to life in a technical school in Atlantis, South Africa.

large_IMAG1869_4 large_DSC_0229_2

Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of Howest design students, the PTI Kortrijk technical school and the people from the West Coast Community Foundation, MyMachine can be proud of second successful adventure in South Africa!

MyMachine on stage at the OCWC 2014 conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia

logo-2On 25 April 2014 MyMachine was invited to speak at the OCWC 2014 organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia. OCWC 2014 will feature the official launch of OpeningupSlovenia, a national research and innovation environment for Open Education.

Recent years have witnessed the rapid development of digital distance learning tools such as Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), all of which present traditional education systems and structures with exciting new opportunities, but also some challenges. Properly exploited, these new resources thus have a huge amount to offer: they can promote knowledge-sharing and intercultural communication; they can broaden access to education, by enabling teaching and learning to take place virtually anywhere; and in their ability to reach large numbers of learners, including by creating virtual communities of common interest, they can increase cost-efficiency.

You can find the MyMachine lecture here:

Machine Invention Day at the Berzelia Primary School in South Africa

berzelia04Monday February 24th was the big day. The MyMachine team met the children from the Berzelia Primary School in South Africa. And the team was impressed by the drawing skills of the children and their imagination. At the end every kid had his own dream machine on paper, and together they made up a top 12 of all the machines to move forward. It was a nice experience, something to never forget. Read about the day-to-day experiences on this blog on and watch the Machine Invention Day movie here.

Welcome to the new MyMachine Global website

MyMachine brings together children, pupils and students to turn imagination into reality. MyMachine Global is the foundation acting worldwide that brings together MyMachines from all over the world. Join us.

This new website is a new page in hour history. Started in Belgium in 2007 and now active in different countries around the globe. This website is an answer to our growing story. Enjoy.

MyMachine starting up in Slovenia!

MyMachine Foundation is proud to announce a cooperation with the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From the academic year 2014-2015 onwards three MyMachine runs will be organised in Slovenia. The agreement was signed at the Offices of the King Baudouin Foundation in Brussels.

MM_Slovenia_1The Jožef Stefan Institute is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research. The staff of more than 930 specializes in natural sciences, life sciences and engineering. The subjects concern production and control technologies, communication and computer technologies, knowledge technologies, biotechnologies, new materials, environmental technologies, nanotechnologies, and nuclear engineering.  The mission of the Jožef Stefan Institute is the accumulation – and dissemination – of knowledge at the frontiers of natural science and technology to the benefit of society at large through the pursuit of education, learning, research, and development of high technology at the highest international levels of excellence.

As a first step MyMachine will speak at the OCWC conference which will take place in Ljubljana on 23-25th of April 2014. The OCW Consortium global conference is the annual opportunity for researchers, practitioners, policy makers and educators to deeply explore open education and its impact on global education.  Conference participants will hear from global thought leaders in open education and have the opportunity to share ideas, practices and discuss issues important to the future of education worldwide. Sessions cover new developments in open education, research results, innovative technology, policy implementation, best practices and practical solutions to challenges facing education around the world. For more information see:

MyMachine presented as real-life project at STEM event Flemish government (Belgium)

foto (2)By 2020 Flanders has the ambition to be one of the top five regions of Europe. To realize this ambition, it must invest in knowlegde and talents. Although many companies and research institutes are active in the domain of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), there is a gowing lack of young people studying exact sciences and technical subjects. To deal with this problem, the Flemish government approved the STEM Action Plan 2012-2020. At the STEM event of 18 February 2014, professionals and press were demonstrated how the plan is being implemented. The initiative had the support of the Flemish Parliament. STEM ambassadors gave their view on the subject, four Flemish ministers demonstrated their STEM talents and two new projects were presented.

One of the real life projects demonstrated was MyMachine. Its focus on co-operation by combining imagination and STEM makes it one of the lighthouse projects of the Flemish government. The story of the Spocker invention as well as many other great inventions by children was presented. Participants were invited to dream their dream machine and to share it with the world. And it turned out that the dream machine of the Flemish prime minister Kris Peeters is a highly remarkable grass mower.

MyMachine in Effect magazine of the European Foundation Centre

mm EFFECTThanks to the global network of the Global Fund for Community Foundations, The Community Foundation of West Flanders (one of the founding partners of MyMachine) got in touch with the West Coast Community Foundation (WCCF) in Malmesbury, South Africa. This enabled a partnership between MyMachine vzw and WCCF and was the start of the pilot year in South Africa.

During this pilot year, MyMachine found that its unique methodology seems to be highly attractive and inspiring for the participants and partner organizations in South Africa.

The MyMachine story in South Africa was picked up by the European Foundation Centre. They also heard about the experiences of cross-border exchange of ideas and processes in the partner organizations in both continents. This resulted in a publication in the biannual magazine Effect!

Successful exhibition and event

DSC_0247 - kopieThe exhibition and Design for Impact-lecture during the ‘Design Week 2013′ highlighted the final part of the North-South-pilot. MyMachine produced a lot of enthusiasm amongst the visitors.

MyMachine is looking back to a successful pilot year. ‘MyMachine 1 +1 = 3’ – a spin-off of the basic MyMachine concept – allowed us to implement the MyMachine methodology for the first time outside the country’s borders. We found MyMachine to be as attractive and inspiring for all those involved in the partner country South-Africa. Therefore, we are engaged to keep working on MyMachine both in Belgium and in other countries to contribute and respond to the challenges in education.

During the school- and academic year 2013-2014, all educational levels will collaborate to realize dream machines throughout Belgium. As from January 2014, MyMachine will continue it’s work on the international level with another cross-border co-operation between schools and organizations both in Belgium and South-Africa.

Pupils of OLVO Heist (Belgium) welcome their recycling robot

IN_N1 - kopieJune 6, 2013 was a big day for all 259 pupils of OLVO Heist (Belgium). They welcomed Scrappy, the recycling robot at school. This dream machine came to life thanks to a cross-border co-operation between the three educational levels and organizations in Flanders and South Africa.

The MyMachine team was able to introduce a first recycling robot to 1000 primary school pupils in South-Africa at the end of November 2012. Afterwards, a strong team from VTI Zeebrugge and the students of Heist realized their own unique version of the recycling robot. The inauguration of Scrappy in Heist was accompanied by festivities and produced a lot of enthusiasm amongst the kids.

Comments of the pupils of OLVO Heist:
“We were allowed to choose the name of our recycling robot. We gave him the same name as his brother in Sout Africa: ‘Scrappy’. It’s nice to know that Scrappy the recycling robot has a belly full of waste on both sides of the world!”

“We are very happy with our own recycling robot which sorts three types of waste. The machine makes us think about how we should sort our waste by finding the matching hole. In addition, the robot keeps a close eye on us and sees if we sort waste wrong. ”

Comments of the students of VTI Zeebrugge:
We have been working for weeks at the recycling machine, but we have also learned a lot. Building a dream machine is something different than the other assignments we get. It’s a big satisfaction that the machine gets a permanent place on the playground and that it will be used. We are very proud of the result! “

MyMachine wins the Nyrstar Foundation grant 2012-2013

Nyrstar Foundation beurs 2012-2013 - MyMachineThe Nyrstar Foundation awards the 2012-2013 grant to the new MyMachine North-South project.
With childlike imagination as a starting point, MyMachine aims to leverage its unique methodology to promote creativity and entrepreneurship in education in developing countries.

The project is a cross-border cooperation between schools and organisations in Flanders, Belgium and in developing countries. The pilot in South Africa is possible thanks to the cooperation with the West Coast Community Foundation in Malmesbury and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Bellville – Cape Town, South Africa.

The project is named as ‘MyMachine 1+1=3’ because global and technical education are strongly related and is based on an unique collaboration between the education levels. Dreaming and entrepreneurship, creativity and cross-fertilization – these are all key to MyMachine. We want to spread the MyMachine approach, where all those people get together and inspire each other.

1000 excited kids welcome ‘Scrappy, the amazing recycling robot’

DSC_0112After a long trip form Cape town to Malmesbury the final dream machine arrived at the primary school were he was invented.
On Nov 30th 1000 children welcomed Scrappy, the recycling robot and enjoyed his inauguration during the MyMachine show!

Who is Scrappy, the recycling robot?

Scrappy is a robot caracter made of recycling materials (car parts, …). He is placed on top of a ‘merry-go-round’ with 3 bins inside. In this way children can sort out 3 types of waste in a playful, funny way. During a co-design workshop the children made drawings to inspire us for the characteristics and visual look of the robot caracter.

Check out this video full of good vibes:

Building process in South Africa: the recycling robot comes to life

11The recycling robot comes to life at the workstation of the Bellville campus of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

After an one hour drive from Malmesbury the inventors arrived to see the progress of their dream machine being build. Besides this they could enjoy themselves with some creative and interactive MyMachine workshops.

This video shows the evolution of the building process: from concept to finishing touch: